How to get a bonus at Black Diamond Casino worth following

DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO BEAT IT, IT IS NOT In my search for new promotions to recommend on WoO, I came across the Black Diamond Casino Bonus, which seemed absolutely amazing. I decided to give it a try.

The Wizard of Odds has approved this casino, and as such, any players who have a dispute with the casino and are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution are entitled (if they sign up through the Wizard of Odds link) to have the Wizard himself act as a mediator between the player and the casino in an attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution. This does not apply to Advantage Play players, however.

As is customary, the advertising policy is shown below.

You will be sent to this page after clicking the link on the Getting Started with Online Gambling Page I created.

Everything seemed to be in perfect condition.

There is also an up to $999 Bonus available, which includes a $25 No-Deposit Bonus, a 200 percent Bonus on the first deposit of $100, a 100 percent Bonus on the next two deposits, a 200 percent Bonus on the third deposit of up to $100, and a 50 percent Bonus on the fourth deposit of up to $1000.

After carefully reading the Terms & Conditions, I discovered that this is, in fact, a Phantom Bonus, meaning that the Bonus amount is not cashable in and of itself, but this isn’t a huge issue. The primary reason why this wasn’t a huge issue is because this Promotion allows players to participate in a wide variety of Table Games at the same time. It was time for me to put my math skills to the test!

This Promotion serves as yet another illustration of why it is critical to read the Terms & Conditions before attempting to Advantage Play at online casinos. In many instances, they explicitly prohibit any effort at this kind of thing. Take a look at the Bonus Rules for more information.

a) Bonus abuse occurs when a Member does not intend to use the casino Bonus for entertainment purposes, but instead employs systematic-betting, advantage-betting techniques, or betting at a later stage in order to manipulate the casino Games in her/his favor, rather than for entertainment purposes. Black Diamond Casino will not allow free bonus misuse or the usage of bonus betting strategies in any form. In the event that a Member is discovered to use one of the above techniques, she or he will be instantly banned and their original deposit amount will be returned, unless that Member gets a total payment that surpasses her or his initial deposit amount. In such instances, there will be no additional refunds issued.. The use of systematic betting or advantage betting techniques will be deemed fraudulent and will result in the forfeiture of any wins obtained via such methods.

b) Black Diamond Casino will not allow the misappropriation of free Bonus Money in the course of advantage gaming. In order to prevent this behavior, gaming experts carefully check all new casino accounts that get a free sign-up bonus and free bonus credits. All linked casino accounts throughout the whole network of sites operated by the same business will be instantly banned and terminated if a Member is discovered making advantage bets with free Bonus Money. Any and all wins will be forfeited.



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