Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride is a variation of five-card solitaire in which a player’s poker hand consists of three of their own cards and two community cards. The objective of each player at a Let It Ride poker table is to win the pot containing all bets submitted.

This game for real money is also known as Let ‘Em Ride Poker in some online casinos. Due to the game’s characteristics and payoff potential, it became an instant favorite among gamblers.


In addition to being a game of luck rather than aptitude, this game has attracted the interest of players. However, having a good strategy is advantageous, particularly if you want to limit your risks and receive high payouts.

The Rules Of Let It Ride Poker


Let It Ride has three wagering positions with identical chip values. As the game progresses, participants have the option to either Continue without betting or Raise by matching their initial wager.


In some online casinos, these locations are labeled ANTE, Raise, and Raise. In some casinos, they are known as (1), (2), and ($).


After depositing their opening wager on the ANTE spot, players receive three face-down cards. These are your individual participant cards, which are essential for making decisions throughout the round.


The dealer will face down two community cards. The player’s three cards will be combined with the two community cards to form a five-card poker hand.


After the second round of betting has been completed based on the player’s initial three cards, the dealer will disclose the first community card. The player has the same options available, Continue or Raise.

After this decision has been made, the dealer will disclose the second community card. At this stage, the prospective five-card hand is determined and winnings are distributed. Depending on the type of poker hand you hold, your compensation will vary.

Two Opportunities To Fold And Recoup Partial Bets


Let It Ride Poker differs from other poker variations in that participants have two opportunities to withdraw one-third of their initial bankroll.


A player has the first chance to act after examining his hand and before the first community card is disclosed. If a player believes that the strength of his hand does not match the stakes on the table, he may withdraw his wagers.

The second opportunity occurs after the first community card has been disclosed. At either opportunity, participants may reduce or withdraw their wagers. A player is said to be “letting it ride” if he or she chooses not to withdraw or refund a wager.

Let It Ride Odds


Let It Ride features two distinct probability systems for the main gameplay and side bets: five-card hands and three-card hands.


The probabilities of striking the winning combinations listed on the paytable depend on the card hands you wager on.


We have simplified these probability calculations by providing them in a detailed format below.

Let It Ride: Tactics & Advice


Let It Ride is primarily a game of chance, as you play neither against the dealer nor the other participants. However, having a good strategy with your three hole cards and the first community card will be of great assistance in improving your win rate.


First Three Card Method

If the following conditions are met, the optimal strategy after receiving your first three cards is to hold and let it ride:


Any winning hand (at least a pair of 10s).

Three cards that constitute a royal flush

Three consecutive cards of the same suit, excluding 2-3-4 and A-2-3.

Three cards that can form a Straight Flush, a single space, and one or more high cards.

Three cards are required for a straight flush, with two voids and two 10 or higher cards.

First Card Community Strategy

If you’ve been dealt four cards, you should let it ride;


Paid hands, such as a pair of 10s or higher, three of a kind, or two pairs.

Any four matching suits

Any four cards to an Outside Straight, with at least one 10 or greater or higher card.

Any four cards outside of a straight, with no high card.

With four high cards, any four cards to an inside straight.

When a card is missing from the center of a straight, it is known as an inside straight.


Outside Straight: Straight draw with four consecutive cards that are not consecutive.


High card: 10s and above


Three card draw with one space in between


Three-card draw containing two spaces


What Makes Online Let It Ride a Great Game Playing Let It Ride at an online casino offers benefits that are unlikely to be available at a land-based casino.


You can wager a minimum of $1 per hand. This is the lowest possible minimum wager at a Let It Ride poker table, and it is only offered online.


You have control over the game speed when playing online; you determine when your three cards are dealt. In addition, playing let it ride online gives you access to a multitude of incentives and rewards, such as welcome bonuses, cashback, and free spins.


You can withdraw your winnings using a variety of convenient and secure online payment methods.


Let It Ride FAQ

Is it secure to play online Let It Ride?

Yes, there are several online sites that provide a safe and secure environment for playing Let It Ride. We suggested some online casinos that are licensed, employ security encryption, and promote equitable play.


How do I succeed when playing Let It Ride?

Let It Ride is primarily won when you have a 5-card poker hand consisting of your three cards and the two community cards.


Do I need a winning strategy?

Utilizing a proper strategy while playing Let It Ride is optional, but can help reduce the house edge. We have addressed the optimal strategy for holding three and four cards in our section on strategy.


Which hand pays the least in Let It Ride?

At all online casinos, the lowest-paying hand in Let It Ride is a pair of 10s or higher, which pays 1:1.


What side wagers are offered in Let It Ride?

Three Card Bonus Payouts and Five Card Bonus Payouts are the two most prominent side wagers in Let It Ride. They were described in detail above.

Commence Let It Ride Play Today!


Let It Ride Poker is a fascinating game that, once mastered, can be extremely lucrative.


Since it is a game of chance, expertise is not required. A solid strategy can have a significant impact on whether or not you receive a payout.


Additionally, it is essential to perform at only secure and legitimate online casinos. Our list of recommended online casinos is an excellent selection from which to choose.


And if you enjoy poker variants, you should also check out Let It Ride Poker.

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