Slot Machine Overview: King of Babylon

Our focus here is on Shuffle Master, a firm that evolved from creating automated shuffling equipment into a provider of SHFL entertainment for its internet operation. In particular, their newest slot machine is called King of Babylon. The game features a concept that isn’t seen very frequently and is powered by SD Digital to give you a trip back in time. The title’s sole use of “king” rather than “kings” indicates that Nebuchadnezzar II is being referenced. Not only did he dominate Babylon roughly 2,500 years ago and cause all sorts of havoc for his neighbors, but he had a badass name to boot. The Egyptians in particular had to put down their tools while working on the pyramids because they were continuously being swung at by the Babylonians. Around this period, the Babylonians established the gardens and rivers that would become the subject of a disco song by the 1970s pop group Boney M. So, let’s go watch the game then.

King of Babylon has the same high-definition background and symbols that manage to look both new and old that are present in the work of SG Digital’s various partner studios. The view, out over the plains of ancient Babylon, is almost biblical in tone, and the epic score adds to the effect. The gardens do make an appearance in the bonus round, in case you were wondering.

In contrast, the game’s grid, which consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines, looks the most obsolete. In order to win, you’ll need three identical symbols, with the exception of the top four, which only require two. The first step for visitors to this realm is to choose their wager: manual or up to 200 auto spins, ranging from 20 p/c to $/€100. In addition, SHFL’s mathematical model has medium/high volatility and has a solid RTP of 96.47 percent.

The lowest paying symbols are the J-A royals, followed by the dagger, the bull statue, the Pegasus thing, and the lion. The highest paying symbol is the Ishtar Gate, which pays 12.5 times the wager for a full house. The Pergamon Museum in Berlin houses a magnificent replica of these gates. If you’re in the neighborhood then they’re definitely worth a look. You may have seen right away that the symbol values in the paytable don’t quite add up. If you don’t have a five of a kind, your payout will drop dramatically. We’ll see how the features keep score of successes shortly and this is related.

Game Features in the King of Babylon Slot

There are two types of wilds in the bonus features: the regular wild and the Golden Wild. They can show up anywhere than the opening reel, and they’ll replace any other paying symbol. In addition, the wilds can randomly grow to fill an entire reel or change into a Golden Wild. Golden Wilds are appealing because they activate the Action Spins bonus when they contribute to a winning payline.

The winnings from the spin that activates Action Spins are saved in The Action Spin Pot for use during the three spins of the Action Spins Wheel that follow. Once the wheel has been spun to its maximum number of times, all rewards will be awarded. There are seven distinct prizes available:

Multiply by 3.

Pot x1.

Pot x5.

Invest x25 + 1% of the pot.

Multiply the total bet by 100 and add the size of the pot to it.

Bet Size: x250 + x1 (Pot Multiplier).

Multiply your initial stake by 1,000 and add the pot to that.

When six or more dice symbols appear in view, you’ll win ten free spins and a boost to the Action Spins Pot. All winnings from free spins are added to the Action Spins Pot instead of being distributed. If the Action Spins feature is earned during the bonus game, it’s activated at the conclusion when the free spins have concluded. This boosts the odds of getting one of the rare Golden Wilds that only appear during free games. Last but not least, new free spins are awarded if a total of six or more is rolled during the bonus game.

Conclusion for “King of Babylon” Slot

There’s no doubt that King of Babylon has some novel ideas behind its subject and design, but after three microseconds of gazing at the Mesopotamian countryside, what else does it have to offer? Although expanding wilds have been around for a while, the Golden Wilds’ ability to accumulate wins in a prize pool and then activate Action Spins to increase the pot’s contents is a welcome twist. The 1,000x multiplier on the wheel is particularly terrifying, despite the extremely low likelihood of actually triggering it. Even more exciting is the free spins feature – watching a delicious pot grow up and knowing that it is going to get multiplied in some way at the end can be very thrilling.

Though it has its good points, King of Babylon has a hard time standing its ground and letting go like the ancient civilization it was inspired by. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but there’s also nothing really remarkable about it. It’s a really average offering, and you probably won’t give it much thought as you look around the casino floor for something else to play. Unlike the major character, King of Babylon the slot is unlikely to control an empire any time soon.

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